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Topics for Conference

  • Effective adaptability of Oil & Gas companies in Operating Safely in Deep Water
  • Future challenges of Oil Exploration
  • Analysis of fluctuating oil Prices and its impact on the Offshore Sector
  • Improving Capital Efficiency of Major Projects
  • Offshore Safety & Security
  • Challenges in Offshore Construction and Installation in the region
  • Offshore Renewable Energy- Prospects in Middle East
  • Trends, Market Forecast and Future of Worldwide Offshore Oil and Gas Design Issues and Trends for Offshore Service Vessels
  • Efficiency improvement in Services to Offshore - Innovations and Developments
  • Pipelines/Moorings: Design and Construction
  • Life Extension issues of Offshore Assets
  • Asset Integrity Managements
  • Advanced Designs, Technologies and Innovations in Floating Technology
  • Asset Integrity & Offshore Decommissioning