About Us

Biz Events Management is an initiative of Aries Group of Companies, one of the largest multinational conglomerate in the Middle East.

Knowledge is the key to transformation as empowers individuals to take a strategic approach to discover, collate and share their ideas and expertise, both for their personal enrichment as well as for the development of their society and business. Our various industry related seminars and conferences not only pave way for new opportunities but also help the industry to stay connected and in touch with the constant change required to progress and evolve.

Our team of experts conduct Seminars, symposiums, award nights, exhibitions, conferences, gala nights, brand marketing, communication strategies and much more with an international outlook brand marketing strategies and strong regional prominence.

Why BizEvents?

BizEvents helps cultivating and creating a safe atmosphere for knowledge transfer through our industrial conferences and seminars.

  • The only events Accredited by International Maritime Club
  • Certificates will be issued by AIMRI for speakers and delegates and these credits can be transferred while attending relevant courses or & doctorate programs in AIMRI
  • Paper presentations in our events shall be considered while joining industrial Doctorate programs of AIMRI Assistance to convert research paper for finding industrial partners who attend the event to execute it practically.
  • Sponsors will be promoted through free advertisements in TV channel
  • Live telecast of the event worldwide - The only event with Live Streaming facility
  • An exclusive slot for Special research based projects/papers during the event
  • A Special rates for making video advertisement to be played during the event
  • Video recording will be done and archived for future reference
  • Experienced personals for execution
  • Have organised several flagship events and its reputation
  • Offices in major Middle East countries